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gives us a well-crafted tale"
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New Release!

Leon McNamee successfully worked his life plan to a
good job, his own home, and the one thing he always
wanted as a boy - a dog. He hasn’t had much luck in
the relationship department, but in Smoke he has all
the company he usually needs.

Jeremy Cooke’s new plan is to stay clear of  
entanglements and not get hurt again.
He moves to Marionville to start over and decides to
rescue a damaged dog. After all, he’s well
acquainted with abuse.

Leon and Jere get acquainted over their shared love
of dogs, but Jere holds close his secrets. When an
argument escalates, disaster strikes. Leon has to fight
to save Jere’s dog - and the man’s trust.
At the end of the day, his best ally is a black
Labrador Retriever named Smoke.

Where There's Smoke
The Men of Marionville #10
Also available
Tango in the Night

Jubal Graham is back on the job after a shooter took the
life of his long-time partner, and sent him into a coma
followed by months of rehab. Determined to have justice,
Jubal is focused on finding a killer, not a new romantic
entanglement. Ellis Banks, with his smoldering blue eyes
and denim-clad swagger is a distraction Jubal can’t afford
– or ignore.

Ellis Banks came to Philadelphia to bust a drug operation;
one that connects to the same case agency legend
Kentuckian Jubal Graham is working. Ellis finds himself
drawn to Jubal, but Jubal holds him off. Sure that Jubal is
interested, even though he wears his slain lover’s ring,
Ellis mounts a determined siege.

Jubal’s surprise at having a suitor develops into a
growing affection for Ellis, one clouded with old fears.
Fate ripped one lover from his arms, and now Ellis is in
the line of fire. Jubal’s courage can protect Ellis, but is it
powerful enough to love him?
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My books remain available at Amazon, iTunes, Kobo and NOOK.
Available January 12

With a summer storm threatening to ruin his Friday
afternoon, Asa Burton packs his briefcase and bolts
for home before the driving gets dangerous. On the
interstate, stuck behind an accident, he regrets his
decision until he sees Ford Weston standing along the
side of the road talking to a police officer.

Ford Weston can’t believe his luck, bad and good. First
his car gets clipped on the tail end of an accident, and
then none other than Asa Burton pulls over and offers
him a ride home. Coming face-to-face with the biggest
regret of his life leaves Ford off-balance. He’d screwed
up with Asa all those years ago. It was his fault the
relationship ended.

Asa can’t believe he’s found Ford again, so why is he
angry with himself? Could it be because Ford walked
out on him without a word seventeen years ago and he
did nothing to stop him? Asa’s sure of only one thing –
Fate just handed him the
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
to win
back Ford.  

Read an
excerpt here.