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Welcome to the website of KC Kendricks, author of contemporary gay romance.
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Praise for the writing of
KC Kendricks
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KC Kendricks never
-- Fallen Angel Reviews

"..beautifully moving in all the
right places...KC Kendricks
gives us a well-crafted tale"
- The Romance Studio

"Good to the last word...."
- Sensual Reads

..."Seriously entertaining and
totally engaging..."
- Joyfully Reviewed

"...solidly written
contemporary romance..."
Moon Dances

For Lieutenant Fallon
Roxbury, Special Police
Consultant, reality has taken
on a strange shift.
Shapeshifters exist and a
clan of them live under his
protection. One is his lover,

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Dances, and to read an
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Ace, Deuce, Trey
The sequel to Deuce of

Ian Coulter has his hands
full with a sexy office
assistant, a favorite movie
star client and a drag queen
best friend. He can juggle all
of it because he and his
lover, FBI agent Rick Mohr,
are finally together.

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Hot August Comes

When hot August
comes to Westfall,
Leo and Harrison
discover home is more
than where a man
hangs his hat. It's where
he gives his heart.

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A vignette of contemporary
gay romance

When a case takes an
unexpected turn, Joe finds
himself separated from his
partner so Riley boards a
plane to Chicago  – and
lots of reunion sex
with Joe.

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New May 10, 2015

Asa can’t believe he’s found Ford again, so
why is he angry with himself?
Could it be because Ford walked out on
him without a word seventeen years ago
and he did nothing to stop him?
Asa’s sure of only one thing – Fate just
handed him the opportunity to win Ford
back – and get some answers.  

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Undeniable here.
Certified an All Romance eBooks
bestseller on May 20, 2015!
The Ghost Makes Three
the  sequel to The Ghost Wore Denim

Michael Brooks’ life took an unexpected direction when he found
the Taylor mansion and he made friends with its ghost.

Deputy Colin Jefferson is dedicated to his career and to making a
life with Michael. Serving the community he loves, he’s well aware
of the stories that tell of the Taylor mansion being haunted. Now
he’s living there with Michael and Colin knows the stories are true.
There’s a ghost with a penchant for wearing denim lurking in his

How the ghost came to live in at the B&B is a mystery Michael and
Colin need to solve. It’s the only way for their resident spirit to find
eternal rest. Until then, the ghost makes three.