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KC Kendricks
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KC Kendricks never
-- Fallen Angel Reviews

"..beautifully moving in all the
right places...KC Kendricks
gives us a well-crafted tale"
- The Romance Studio

"Good to the last word...."
- Sensual Reads

..."Seriously entertaining and
totally engaging..."
- Joyfully Reviewed

"...solidly written
contemporary romance..."

It doesn’t take Chandler long to win over the prickly August, but
August is a man with secrets. Their friendship heats up and
when August’s past comes calling, Chandler pays the price.
The only option open is for August to confess all and hope
those around him, especially Chandler, will accept he’s a
different man from who he was in his yesterdays.  

Excerpt and more here.
Just released - Memphis

When Amethyst Cove’s reigning drag queen is blackmailed,
private investigator Ian Coulter searches to find the truth. He
doesn’t believe his friend committed a murder and he won’t allow
money to change hands. He gets support from his FBI lover Rick

Ian and Rick have conquered a long road to be together. Working
together is easy. Keeping their relationship strong is more
difficult. When Ian is propositioned, Rick falls back into old ways.
Ian’s guiltless but overcoming his jealousy isn’t easy for Rick.
With time running out, they leave no avenue unexplored in their
quest to find the truth and the blackmailer – before the
honeymoon cruise.  

Mick Ambrose owns and operates an auto restoration shop
specializing in all things American Muscle. When the black 1969
Camaro Z/28 he years ago dubbed Onyx pulls into his garage, Mick
forgets his first love in favor of her driver, Logan Gregg. Mick’s
interested and cruises Logan at a speed worthy of the cars he

Logan Gregg’s plan to avoid entanglements in his life drives away
when he stops at American Muscle. The owner of the shop is
smooth as a well-tuned V-8 engine and twice as hot. Logan is quick
to shift gears and take a closer look at Mick Ambrose and the road

Working on the Z/28 brings the men closer, but Mick makes a
mistake when he confesses his knowledge of the past Logan
wants to keep buried. Mick knows a man has to settle his past to
step into his future. He’ll stand beside Logan come what may, but
Logan’s unconvinced. To slay his personal demon, Logan will first
have to look it in the eye.  

Jake Soames is the quintessential everyman. He
survived a wild youth and grew up strong. The
only thing missing from his life is that one
special guy to tilt his world. A man to walk beside
him without playing head games with him.

With nowhere else to go, Memphis Wheeler
knocked on the door of a former cellmate and
found the refuge he’d been promised. His spirit
is wounded, and he needs a place to rest and
recover from years of physical abuse. He worries
he’ll never be able to allow another man to touch
him again.

When Jake meets his buddy’s houseguest, he’s
instantly drawn to the shy, retiring younger man.
Memphis doesn’t say much and seems skittish
around him, yet when Jake proposes they
participate in a road rally, Memphis agrees to be
his navigator. But there’s no timed course to
traverse to reach the future Jake envisions with
Memphis. It’ll take patience and understanding to
help Memphis to move on from his past and say
yes to more than an afternoon together.