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KC Kendricks never
-- Fallen Angel Reviews

"..beautifully moving in all the
right places...KC Kendricks
gives us a well-crafted tale"
- The Romance Studio

"Good to the last word...."
- Sensual Reads

..."Seriously entertaining and
totally engaging..."
- Joyfully Reviewed

"...solidly written
contemporary romance..."
Shopkeeper Chris Douglas traveled the world as a tour
guide. He settled in New York City and turned his love of
coffees and wines from around the globe into a thriving
specialty business. He enjoys meeting new people and his
small emporium just off Bleecker Street brings all sorts
through his door. After he falls off a ladder, Chris tapes a
“help wanted” sign on the door and hopes it will attract the
right person.   

Eric Todd is at loose ends after the company he worked for
changed hands and he was let go. He can get by
financially, but with too many hours to fill in a day, he’d like
a part-time job to keep busy. When he spies the hand-
drawn sign on the door of The Corked Bean, he goes
inside to check out the store, and the sexy proprietor.

The two men hit it off and Chris hires Eric on the spot. Now
the pay and benefits aren’t as enticing, or satisfying, as the
after-hours perks available for the perfect hire.
A Perfect Hire

“You’re full of tricks aren’t you?”

“The name of the game is get them in here. They can’t purchase anything if they don’t come in.”

We enjoyed our java in comfortable silence for a few minutes but I sensed something was on his mind. He
finally got down to it.

“You’ve bought me coffee - several cups of coffee. Can I treat you to breakfast at my place?”

I didn’t want to him to think I was too eager nor did I want to blow the chance to get laid. The crowd I hung
out with was fun, but they were friends and we didn’t fuck. I wanted the man across the table. Hell, I
wanted him bent over the table, or sprawled on the table. Even under the table if we happened to slide
off it. I met his smoky gaze and shivered.

“I’ve a better idea since my knee isn’t up to much walking. Why don’t we go to my place for breakfast?
You can still cook, though.”

He nodded. “Where do you live?”

I pointed at the ceiling. “It’s a short commute.”

I’d purchased the building a few years ago not caring that the elevator went only as far as the second
floor. With the street storefront, the second floor stockroom, and a third level apartment, it had been
perfect for my needs. After living in the small space for a year, I discovered adding a fourth story for a
bedroom suite was not only financially feasible, but would keep me sane. I liked the old industrial elevator
so I didn’t replace it with one that went all the way to the top.   

Having to gimp my way up the stairs on a bum knee in front of a guy I planned to repeatedly fuck
senseless was embarrassing. It also brought home the fact we would need to be a bit creative since I
couldn’t put a lot of pressure on the joint. Of course, figuring it out could be interesting.

Eric did the heavy lifting in the elevator, pulling the grate down with a grin.

“Going down?”

I snorted and answered truthfully. “Nope. It’s going up.”

His gaze dropped to my zipper and that shit-eating grin on his face widened. “I’m not sure it’s acceptable
to take advantage of you when you can’t run from me.”

“What makes you think I’d run even if I could?”

He closed the distance between us and my dick finished its rise to attention. The smile faded from his
face, replaced by a searching seriousness as I grasped his hips and pulled him closer. His hands went to
my shoulders, his intense hazel gaze locked with mine. I stared into those gleaming orbs and memorized
every golden and green fleck. The elevator jolted to a stop but I barely felt the bump in my knee.

“Time to get off.”

Eric shook his head, his husky voice barely above a whisper. “It won’t be that fast.”

“I’m counting on it.”
This book is a stand-alone
story and not currently part
of any series.