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Review Snippets
Beneath Dark Stars
The Sequel to the Back Stairs

"I missed you, Fallon. I want to stay here all night.”

I hugged him. I certainly wasn’t in the mood to go anywhere. “Then we will, at least until one of us gets cold.
Oh, wait. You even have blankets.”

He reached for a pillow. I thought it was a splendid idea and grabbed one, too. We maneuvered around a bit,
snagging a few more and getting comfortable. I wanted more of him, but I’d have to wait a while. Unlike him, I
couldn’t whip up another woody with a single thought. It would be several minutes before I could get it up
again. Sundown settled against me with his head on my shoulder. I rubbed his arm.

“So just where are all your pleasure receptors aligned at now?”

He chuckled softly. “If you keep petting my arm, they’ll be there.”

“Uh-huh. Will you answer a few questions, if you can?”

Sundown was silent for several moments. Were he human, he’d probably think having him fuck me was my
way of softening him up so I could get information out of him, and maybe some small—very small—part of it
was. Now I wondered if he paused to read my mind, and therefore the intent of my questions, which were
purely personal. There were many things about him I refused to allow the cop part of me to consider. He
kissed my neck.

“First you must tell me if you truly find this altered appearance unacceptable.”

“I told you—I like it. Why do you worry?” I did like it, even though it meant I’d have to compose a new chapter
in the Sundown companion’s manual I’d been mentally creating.

“Because of what caused it.”

Did he mean he hadn’t deliberately changed his outward appearance to reflect a more mature being? I
would ask after I reassured him I was fine with the way he looked.

“Sundown, if you were human, I’d tell you that your looks need to please you first, and everyone else can go
fuck themselves if they don’t like it.”

I could almost see his brain scrambling to consider my words. I smiled up at the stars at the mental image of
neurons doing a rapid-fire dance inside his head, and suddenly, without being told, I knew what had wrought
the change in his appearance.

“I think I’m envious of the Chal.” I held my hand up, and he laced his fingers through mine. Once joined, I
guided our hands to my rest on my chest. “We are all enriched by knowing others, but it’s more for you, isn’t

Sundown was quiet for so long I began to think he wasn’t going to talk about it. Finally, he spoke. “Yes.
When I give of myself, what is returned to me contains the knowledge possessed by the other.”

That was one heck of an exchange. The creation of a new Chal with the knowledge of the old one. “And then
all this shared knowledge gets passed on to the next generation. Am I right?”

“Yes. In this way, all Chal are…enriched.”

I lay still, trying to process the myriad implications of what he’d just confessed. Sundown was beyond value
to his species, and yet they allowed him free reign of the city. He didn’t merely appear older; the new
maturity went soul deep. He’d gained layer after layer of Chal history and individual experiences, all
nuanced by the giver. In him it all came together, the bits and pieces reordered to form a cohesive whole.
Then, to keep it safe in the event something happened to the catalyst, every Chal passed it all on to their
offspring as a form of species memory. But what if some harm came to him before the next catalyst was born,
would the chain break? It boggled my mind and made me uncomfortably aware of how fragile Chal existence
might actually be.

“So, tell me. Will there be another catalyst?”

Sundown levered up on his elbow to look at me. The city lights cast his face in stark relief, rendering a
severity to the angles of cheekbone and jaw. I stroked his cheek, and he smiled, the lines softening into the
gentle countenance of the being I knew.

“We are fortunate. There may be four. We will not be sure for some time, but it is likely.”

“Well, congratulations. Should I buy cigars?”

“I don’t understand. Do you speak of a human custom?”

My sudden understanding found a new depth. “Let me guess. In all this exchange of molecules and
knowledge, you didn’t learn much about humans, did you? But you taught the others plenty, correct?”

“Is this a problem?”

“That I’m your science project? I don’t know, Czun Dun Nhunfi. I really don’t know...”
Fallon Roxbury, seasoned detective and special police consultant,
knows that appearances can be deceiving. Trained to gather the
clues and arrive at logical conclusions, he fits the puzzle pieces of a
situation together to find the truth. But there’s nothing reasonable in
Fallon’s attraction to the sexy, secretive shapeshifter called

Sundown has studied people all his life. Having his very own human
male is all he ever wanted. In Fallon, he’s found a man he can trust
with his secrets and reveal his true nature. Keeping Fallon happy is a
joyful exercise into which Sundown puts his heart and soul—when
he’s not teasing Fallon’s police partner by leaving strange footprints
at crime scenes, that is.

Fallon’s new case ties into an old one. At a dead end, he knows it’s
time to ask Sundown for a little help. With his special abilities,
Sundown can get into places Fallon can’t. All Fallon has to do is
figure out a way to prove what he already knows. But what’s a cop to
do when the truth takes a shift that’s stranger than fiction?
KC Kendricks has created a unique being in Sundown as he is not your typical shapeshifter. Sundown’s
back-story and origins are fascinating as is the relationship between Sundown and Fallon. Combine their
super hot sex scenes with true love and caring, then add in some comical relief with Fallon’s police
detective partner, Juny and you have an exceptional plot.

So if you like something a little rare in your m/m romance, then this series is for you. With its distinctive
characters, amazing world-building and sexually charged love scenes, Beneath Dark Stars is a great read
and hopefully we will get more from the author in this universe.
Rated 4 ½ Delightful Divas by Lasha!
The well written plot reveals more of Sundown’s secrets... The characters are believable. The intimate
scenes are sensual.... Fallon and Sundown have a strong loving relationship.
They also work in concert deciphering crimes; Sundown’s talents enhance Fallon’s ability to fit the puzzle
pieces together to find the perpetrators. Beneath Dark Stars has intrigue, as well as a dash of humor.
KC Kendricks has created an impressive story that I enjoyed immensely.
-  4 Nymphs from Chocolate Minx,
Literary Nymphs Reviews
A realistic world where humans unknowingly walk side by side with shape shifters, Beneath Dark Stars is a
richly compelling story.  Fascinating characters make Beneath Dark Stars a deliciously intense and
passionate drama.  Fallon is finding his way in a new life with a special lover while the exotic, intense
Sundown quietly bridges the human world and his own.  This sequel stands on its own easily, yet the world
of the Chal is so hazy that it’s frustrating at times, though the reasons for secrecy are obvious.  The
inexplicable connection between Fallon and Sundown is what sets Beneath Dark Stars apart from other
romances.  Their love story is fiercely satisfying.
- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed
About this book in
its series ...
"Beneath Dark Stars has
intrigue, as well as a dash of
humor. KC Kendricks has
created an impressive story..."
Literary Nymphs Reviews
The Sundown Saga

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