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Miscellaneous information
The Romance Studio
2008 CAPA Nominee!
December 2010
January 2011
Nominated as one of the
Best GLBTQ Books of 2010 at  
Love Romances Cafe
January 2012
Double Deuce
Nominated as one of the best Mystery
books of 2011 at Love Romances Caf
About KC - The Short Bio
January 2016
KC Kendricks calls herself an accidental writer. After completing her first novel in 2003, she was
urged to submit it to a publisher and everything snowballed from there. Today, KC has had over
sixty books published, both as KC Kendricks (gay romance) and Rayne Forrest (traditional

By day KC works for a non-profit organization with a focus on confidential financial assistance to
women in crisis.  By night, she weaves stories to celebrate life, love and the promise of a hopeful
future. KC finds both occupations extremely rewarding.

A native of scenic western Maryland, KC enjoys most activities that don’t include snow. In warm
weather KC might be found walking the dog, biking on the C&O Canal towpath, planting delicacies
in her garden for the deer to munch on at night, playing in the creek, or lazing on the patio with
her Kindle reader or laptop.

KC recently began to research her family history and can't drive past a cemetery without stopping
to search for family sites. Her mission is to photograph old tombstones before the elements erode
the stones and the names are lost to time.

KC can be reached through her blog,
Between the Keys. All comments are strictly moderated by
the author and personal messages are treated as such.
#1 Best Seller at Amber Allure, August 2013

Confirmed Best Seller at All Romance eBooks, September 2013
Undeniable - new cover coming soon!
Confirmed Best Seller at All Romance eBooks, May 2015

This title is temporarily out of print.
Dreams to Sell - Confirmed Best Seller at  All Romance eBooks,
April 2016
SABRE - Confirmed Best Seller at  All Romance eBooks,
May 2016
Surrendered Victory and Passion's Victory are
currently out of print due to the closing of
Amber Quill Press. Second edition coming in
September 2016
The Right Brew - Confirmed Best Seller at All Romance
eBooks August 2016
Where There's Smoke - Confirmed Best Seller at
All Romance eBooks October 2016