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Photo Gallery
We have the privilege of caring for a beautiful
corner of the planet. The backyard slopes, so we built a
terrace to have a flat spot to set a glider in order to
enjoy lazy summer evenings. I snapped this as our first
Lab, Jett, jumped over the wall to return the Frisbee.  

You can't plan a picture like this one. I think it's so cute!

Greenbrier Smokey Jett (2002-2015)
The cat thought this was the perfect sized bowl
for a nap. As you might imagine, what happened
next involved water and wasn't pretty.
Shooter (2003-2016)
Winter in the mountains.

Yep. There really is a Charger and
a Chevy Silverado under all that

And a driveway. Not that I went
anywhere that day.
A few years ago I visited The Cloisters in New York City. The Cloisters has a fascinating history
and I urge you to Google and read it. The famous Unicorn tapestries are on display there.
This little concrete man is
older than I am. He sat in my
grandmother's garden,
and now he sits in mine.

He's not in good shape but I
can't bear to part with
something that my
grandparents touched with
their own hands.
One of my favorite places to bicycle is the
Western Maryland Rail Trail in Hancock,
Maryland. It runs for over twenty miles
parallel to the Potomac River.  The
surface is paved with only mild grades
(inclines) and motor vehicles are not
allowed. It's a real pleasure to spend a
couple of hours enjoying the ride.
In 2014, after being published for over ten years, I decided it was time for a grown up study. I'd made
do with using a cobbled together desk, shaky file cabinet and a rickety printer cart long enough. I
purchased a Mission style desk and credenza, painted the walls a wonderful shade called Merlot, and
revamped my space.   
Meet Greenbrier Smokey Deuce. His call name
is simply Deuce. He's a great fellow and we
hope to have many years with him.

Deuce is a lively dog and he has his own blog,
Deuce's Day.  He's reminding me that it's okay
to stop and smell the flowers.
Change is inevitable, and in 2017 we needed to convert the room I used for so many years back into a
bedroom. The solution to office space? The sunroom.

The sunroom is situated to the southwest corner of the house, which just happens to be my best feng
shui location. Maybe that's why I always loved to hang out in the sunroom. It took a couple of
evenings, and two Saturdays, to get all the furniture moved, but the end result is quite pleasing
especially with the private deck finished. Even Deuce has given the paw print of approval on the new

I know I'll enjoy having a four-season view of the world for the next few years - or at least until life
brings another change!