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Station to Station
Book VII in the Men of Marionville series
Scott Thomas welcomes the assignment when he’s is tagged to
a high profile project that demands expertise. His love of trains
makes him a natural for the job. When a friend invites him on a
Mystery Train Dinner Adventure, Scott’s onboard for an
evening of fun. Scott gets more than he ever dreamed about
when he meets his ideal tall, dark haired stranger on the train.

Dakota Reece views the new commuter rail as the opening he’s
needed for him and his brother to build their own firm and
future. Planning a start-up company while working on the
commuter rail project is hard work and Dakota takes an
evening off to relax on the Mystery Train. When the train stops
to serve dinner, Dakota is boldly cruised by a fellow passenger.
He has to get to know this smart, sexy man and asks Scott to
join him for a drink.   

Scott and Dakota hit it off and a quiet cup of coffee leads to
unexpected possibilities - and consequences. Their budding
relationship could cause a multi-million dollar conflict of
interest charge. When Dakota makes a sudden decision to
advance his timeline, Scott will do whatever is necessary to
keep them together, on track, and avoiding derailment.

The object of my interest was perched on the deck railing, smoking a cigarette. His gaze locked with
mine, bright with the witchy curiosity a gay man has in another. I walked up to him and boldly lifted the
fag from his fingers, took a drag, and exhaled to form a smoke ring.

Huh. I didn’t think I could still make them." I handed the cig back to him.

“Nasty habit. I took it up in my teens and quit when I was twenty-five.”

He took a deep drag and exhaled. “I get up every morning and say I’m gonna stop, but I don’t. How’d you
do it?”

“A bad case of tonsillitis. But every once in a great while, I still want to get a taste. It convinces me I
don’t need them.”

He grinned and flicked the butt into a sand bucket placed for that purpose. “You’re lucky if you can just
taste and still keep away.” He held out his hand. “Dakota Reece.”

I pressed my hand to his warm, warm palm and dared the gods to zap me with a lightning bolt. “Scott

Dakota’s strong fingers closed around mine and I realized the extent of my foolishness. If I let this man
get too close, he’d rip out my heart and hand it back to me, bloody and lifeless.

Hell, it’d happened before and I’d lived through it. He fixed me with a ruttish stare. “You’re not ‘with’ the
guy you’re with, are you?”

I swear I saw an electric blue aura form around him. It flickered and danced over his shoulders, wild with
tangible temptation and the promise to burn me to ash.

“Nope. He’s a good friend.”

He ran his thumb over my knuckles. “Good. When we get back to Marionville, I’ll buy you a drink. Where
would you like to go? Frolic? Or someplace quieter?”

This gorgeous creature wanted to have a drink with me? I knew when to throw caution to the four
winds…and the time was now.

I pulled him off the rail and slipped my free hand around his waist. Raw awareness crackled between us,
man to man, laden with male pheromones and a shared knowledge we innately knew how to make the
other moan with pleasure. I wanted to be sure, and kissing him was the most expedient way to strike a
spark—or not.

My guess about his height had been right on, and he was just a tick shorter than me. It made kissing him
easy. I pressed my lips to his, just a quick, soft touch that turned clingy when neither of us seemed to
want to back off. He met me with an open eagerness that threatened to buckle my knees, and we never
parted our lips. My body responded and then the sudden aching pooling of blood in my groin convinced
me I needed to pull away before I got completely stupid with this guy in plain view of anyone who walked
out the door.
Contemporary gay romance - the Men of Marionville series

These stories can be read individually. They feature characters in the same community, all friends. They do
not need to be read in the order in which they were written to enjoy them fully, but they are numbered for
those who prefer to do so. For more about the Men of Marionville series
, click here.
The Marionville Series
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