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The Sundown Series
Fallon & Sundown

The Back Stairs (#1)

Beneath Dark Stars (#2)

River Walk (#3)

Moon Dances (#4)

Fly By Night (#5)
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its series ...
The Sundown Saga
The Back Stairs... the story begins

Fallon Roxbury has a nose for trouble, and the uncanny ability for landing in
the middle of it the moment he finds it. While investigating the gruesome
murder of a young male prostitute in the red-light district, Fallon gets a whiff
of something very strange. Forensics has unidentified hairs. Very
unidentified hairs, like nothing in any of the textbooks. Following a tip from
a person of interest, Fallon meets Sundown, an apparent hustler who knows
a lot more than he will admit.

Getting personally involved with Sundown breaks every rule in the police
manual, and in Fallon’s own personal code. Sundown is like a drug, and
Fallon can’t stop at just one hit. When Sundown is forced to reveal the truth,
Fallon’s world is turned upside down, and he’s left with only two options:
check himself in for psychiatric evaluation, or accept a new reality with a
strange shift.

Shapeshifters, that is.
Beneath Dark Stars.... book 2 in the series
the sequel to The Back Stairs

Fallon Roxbury, seasoned detective and special police consultant, knows
that appearances can be deceiving. Trained to gather the clues and arrive
at logical conclusions, he fits the puzzle pieces of a situation together to
find the truth. But there’s nothing reasonable in Fallon’s attraction to the
sexy, secretive shapeshifter called Sundown.

Sundown has studied people all his life. Having his very own human male is
all he ever wanted. In Fallon, he’s found a man he can trust with his secrets
and reveal his true nature. Keeping Fallon happy is a joyful exercise into
which Sundown puts his heart and soul—when he’s not teasing Fallon’s
police partner by leaving strange footprints at crime scenes, that is.

Fallon’s new case ties into an old one. At a dead end, he knows it’s time to
ask Sundown for a little help. With his special abilities, Sundown can get into
places Fallon can’t. All Fallon has to do is figure out a way to prove what he
already knows. But what’s a cop to do when the truth takes a shift that’s
stranger than fiction?

Read an excerpt from
Beneath Dark Stars
River 3 in the series
the sequel to Beneath Dark Stars

Detective Fallon Roxbury has a big problem. A twenty-year old cold case
turned hot threatens to expose his secret - shapeshifters exist and they’re
living in Montgomery Circle under his protection. Between a new witness
and a group of fanatical alien watchers, Fallon’s scrambling to uphold the
law and keep his promises intact. He already knows no power on earth can
keep his shapeshifter lover from stepping into the mix.   

Sundown has come into his own with his human lover by his side. Fallon is
his compass, and shield, as he seeks to keep his Clan united and teach
them most humans can be trusted. A catalyst, Sundown is rare among his
kind, a descendant of heroes. The status of his Clan rests on him and he’s
determined to see his people prosper on this world owned by humans -
without the humans knowing shapeshifters walk among them.

Secrets have a way of being exposed. Fallon’s not the only one who knows
about Sundown’s kind. A cop used to right and wrong being black and white,
Fallon struggles to learn shades of gray. Their relationship is tested as
Fallon and Sundown race against the clock to find a kidnapped shapeshifter
before the Clan takes matters into their own hands.  Because if they fail,
Fallon knows his lover will be forced to stand with his people and act
against him.  
Moon 4 in the series
the sequel to River Walk

For Lieutenant Fallon Roxbury, Special Police Consultant, reality has taken
on a strange shift. Shapeshifters exist and a clan of them live under his
protection. One is his lover, Sundown. Protecting the Chal is a full-time job,
a task which would be easier if they weren’t so secretive - and scheming.
When Fallon’s police force partner suggests a vacation, Fallon jumps at the
chance to take Sundown someplace private. A resort near where he grew
up seems like the prefect place for a get-away. Ten days filled with sex,
sleep and sun is just what they both need, but more than fun lurks in the

The ancient nemesis of the Chal is still out there and could one day return
to earth to enslave both Chal and human alike. Secrets of the Chal past
come to light when Fallon’s suppressed memories of his early years
resurface. The shapeshifters have always had a plan defeat their enemy,
one with Sundown at its core.
Fly By 5 in the series
The sequel to Moon Dances

Lieutenant Fallon Roxbury has a few secrets. His lover Sundown is a
shapeshifter, and the entire Clan is under Fallon’s protection. He can
usually handle the job but the universe has conspired to align a few unusual
events. A body was found at the old rail yard where the shapeshifters once
had a village, the clan’s nestlings are about to mature, and his lover and his
police partner are suddenly behaving like best friends.

When the clan elders confirm the identity of the murderer, Fallon has more
trouble. The suspect is one of the city commissioners and the evidence
points to him killing more than once. It’s up to Fallon to find legally
admissible evidence to connect his cold case to the more recent killing. He’
ll need some specialized help for that, the kind only Sundown can provide.

Bit by bit Fallon gathers evidence, not only about the murders, but about the
secrets Sundown has kept. It’s a sobering reminder that looks can be
deceiving, and the shapeshifter he shares his life with isn’t human.