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KC's Wine List
I refuse to apologize for enjoying a glass of wine at the end of the day.  I may not be an expert,
but I know what I like.  For me, it's all about the flavor and none of that prestige stuff.
Taste is the only way to win my respect and earn a place on my personal Wine List.  
I created this page to share a few of my favorites with you

As always, if you're on this website I expect you to be an adult.
If you're not of legal age to purchase or consume alcohol,
you need to leave this site. Come back when you're legal. Thanks.
#1.   Sutter Home White Merlot
This is my all-time favorite wine.  The name says white, but the wine is a red. Light in color, you might even
confuse it with a blush.  The aroma hints at fruit, and the wine has a very smooth taste with hints of cherry or
berry without cloying sweetness. IMHO this wine can be served with the food of your choice, but I like it best
straight up on autumn afternoons while lazing on the patio watching the leaves fall.
#3. Sutter Home White Merlot may hold my #1 spot, but Arbor Mist has earned it's place near the top. Arbor
Mist wines are actually wine and fruit juice blends, but the mix is perfect. Light, crisp, clean and above all
refreshing, Arbor Mist is perfect on hot summer evenings. Don't stand on wine drinking protocol with Arbor
Mist. Pour it over ice and sip while enjoying the view from the garden swing. If it's a typical triple-H summer
day in the Mid-Atlantic, I'll even mix in a splash of ginger ale for a sparkling effect.
#2.  Beringer Chenin Blanc.  Chenin Blanc must be a difficult wine to get right. We've tasted this wine from
about a dozen vineyards and so far Beringer comes out on top.  A slightly dry white with hints of citrus to its
aroma and ginger to its taste, the Beringer Chenin Blanc is light on the tongue with no aftertaste. It goes
really well with spicy dishes like chicken fajitas or a highly seasoned chicken stir-fry. We like this wine best
with a meal, but it holds up on its own and is very enjoyable on a summer evening or in front of the fireplace.
It's okay to dream - CHATEAU D'YQUEM.  
Let me say I've never had the pleasure of tasting this wine since it's well beyond my price range. Like, to the
moon beyond. The general consensus is that Chateau D'Yquem is the true Nectar of the Gods. I hope to
experience it once in my lifetime. It's one of the reasons I play the lottery.
Maryland Wines

We're on a mission to taste vintages from every Maryland winery. We started out as
close to home as possible and were pleasantly surprised. Now we need a little
help from to locate the more distant wineries.

Two of the best known Maryland wineries are probably Boordy and Berrywine
Plantations/Linganore Winecellars. To our delight, we now have
Knob Hall in
Clear Spring, Maryland - in our back yard, so to speak.


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Knob Hall Sweet Revenge. (The label says Clear Spring Cellars or some such.) We got the bottle at our first
visit to the winery. A nice, sweet red that we paired with a pasta and shrimp dish that had a tomato sauce. It
went great with our dinner and by itself a few hours later. Next trip to Knob Hall, we're getting two bottles.  

Knob Hall Starboard. Do not deprive yourself of this wine! Have it shipped to you. It's worth every cent. It's
wine "in the style of port" and it's wonderful. Very complex. Great finish which for me means NO after taste at
all. About 18% alcohol. This might be my new vice.


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August 29, 2013. We visited Elk Run Vineyards and Winery and got
a bottle each of Annapolis Sunset and Sweet Katherine.

Annapolis Sunset is made from Pinot Gris with 5% Cabernet Sauvignon.
It's slightly sweet and very sippable.

Sweet Katherine is a very sweet dessert wine which is a
blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Delicious! Dig the bottle, too.
Yellow Tail Chardonnay. It's possible we got a bad bottle of this wine. We both thought it was good at first
sip, but then the aftertaste, or "finish," kicked in. We plan to give it another try on our next trip to stock the
wine cellar.

UPDATE: We've decided against Chardonnay in general.
Beringer White Zinfandel Moscato. We bought this because we liked the light red color. Good a reason as
any to try something new. We paired it with grilled strip steak and it worked really well. The wine is not too
sweet, nor is it too oak-y.  I especially liked that I didn't get any aftertaste after an entire glass. Definitely on
my list to buy on 10% off day at the wine shop.
Virginia Wines

38295 Fremont Overlook Lane, Percellville VA

May 28, 2014. We made a swing through Harper's Ferry and east to a cluster
of vineyards in the Percellcille, Virginia area. Our favorite by far was Sunset Hills.
Read more about our day on our personal Virginia wine trail at
Between the Keys